Occupational stress as predictor of job satisfaction and burnout among doctors

Objective: To study the occupational stress as predictor of job satisfaction and burnout among doctors of Hazara division, KPK Pakistan.
Methodology: The sample consisted of 100 male and 100 female doctors, which were taken from public and private hospitals of Hazara division. Occupational stress by Osipow and Spokane, Job Satisfaction by Hackman and Oldham and Burnout by Maslach Burnout Inventory were used to gather data. Linear regression analysis was used to measure occupational stress as a predictor of job satisfaction and burnout and t test was used to find out the distinctness among job satisfaction and stress.
Results: Occupational stress negatively predicted job satisfaction and occupational stress positively predicted burnout. Moreover, job satisfaction negatively predicted burnout among doctors. The private sectors doctors had the higher job satisfaction and low burnout as compared to the public sectors doctors.
Conclusion: Doctors are in danger of job stress with low job satisfaction and burnout. Increasing the extraneous motives and minimizing the task at hand by increasing associated health experts plus equipping convenience and amenities should be contemplated as preference.

Key words: Stress, doctors, satisfaction

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