The purpose of the study was to investigate or to compare somatic trends, psychological distress and psychological well-being between male and female employees of public and private sector. The sample comprised of 300 male and female employees selected from Pakistan Ordinance Factories, Wah Cantt (N=150 as a public sector); and Hattar Industries, Haripur (N=150 as a private sector) Pakistan. The instruments used to measure Somatic trends, Psychological distress and well-being were 46-items Bradford Somatic Inventory and Mental Health Inventory-38. For hypotheses testing t-test were applied. The results disclosed the fact that employees of private sector exhibit significantly more somatic trends than employees of public sector; but there is in significant difference exist among male and female employees in relation to somatic trends. Female employees exhibit significantly more psychological distress as compared to male employees. Male employees exhibit significantly more psychological well-being as compared to female employees. Public sector employees score significantly high on psychological well-being as compared to private sector.

Keywords: Somatic trends, Psychological Distress, Psychological Well-being, Employees, Pakistan.

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